Prosper Commends Ducey Budget for Making Significant Cuts to Wasteful Spending and Bureaucracy

Prosper President Kimberly Wold: “With these kinds of bold changes, Arizona is on the road to growth and prosperity.”

Phoenix, AZ — Prosper is encouraged by the release of Governor Doug Ducey’s budget. For the first time in two decades the Governor’s office has put forth a budget that is balanced and prioritizes Arizonans, not special interests.

Prosper President Kimberly Wold said, “For far too long the state hasn’t been held accountable and taxpayers, both businesses and individuals, have suffered. It is encouraging to see Governor Ducey come out of the gate with a budget that cuts from all areas of government.”

Governor Ducey’s budget has more than $660 million in spending cuts in FY 2016 ($360 million is permanent and $304 million is temporary). Additionally, permanent cuts increase to nearly $450 million by FY 2017.

In his State of the State speech, Governor Ducey said, “Our budget does what budgets are supposed to do. It prioritizes vital commitments that Arizonans value the most – public safety, justice, classrooms, and aid to the needy and vulnerable. My budget doesn’t just give the appearance of spending discipline. It offers the reality of spending discipline – with decisions that are timely, real and permanent.”

Prosper agrees that the key to moving Arizona forward is prioritizing commitments and getting rid of bureaucratic waste. These are decisions that Arizona families and businesses make every day.

“During the campaign, Governor Ducey said that he wanted to shrink the government,” Wold said. “It bodes well for Arizona taxpayers that the budget cuts go directly to the source – the overreaching bureaucracy, particularly in K-12 education. With no cuts to actual classroom spending, it’s refreshing to see that taxpayer dollars will stay where they are needed. With these kinds of bold changes, Arizona is on the road to growth and prosperity.”