Prosper Urges SRP to End Unsustainable Solar Subsidies

In 2013, Prosper educated the public about Arizona’s net metering policy urging a review of the outdated rate system. Prosper President Kimberly Wold said, “We support the use of solar power, but the subsidy was unfair and unsustainable. These incentives are counter to our free market principles. The Arizona Corporation Commission agreed and allowed the assessment of a nominal fee for solar customers.”

On February 26, 2015, the elected board members of Salt River Project (SRP), will meet to vote on a more balanced and fair net metering pricing structure for all SRP customers as it relates to rooftop solar users.

Wold said, “Forcing non-solar ratepayers to subsidize the rooftop solar industry is not free market. We urge the SRP board members to update its pricing policy and end the unsustainable subsidies. Let’s allow new solar users to pay for the energy they use and for non-solar users to pay for the energy they use.‚Äč”